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We offer you with our offer your complete journey from one hand.
Already if you want to fly to the Isla Bonita, you can book your flight, a well-kept and inexpensive rental car and of course your accommodation, i.e. a finca, a holiday home or a nice holiday apartment with us. And everything together is in the end very inexpensive.

In advance:
For your holiday on the island three "building blocks" are needed.
1. you want to fly to La Palma, so you need a flight to the island
2. when you arrive here, you have to get somehow from the airport to your holiday home, so why not book your rental car here.
3. and you still need a finca, a La Palma holiday home or an apartment, or even several holiday homes? (In case you want to visit the island with friends).

Your rental car on the island

You want to book a package tour to the island?

We also have favourable offers for this. You will find favourable offers for your package tour, not only on "our island", at the best prices.
You can view and book your package tour right here.

Enjoy the beauty of Isla Bonita on holiday

The island has a lot to offer you if you appreciate peace and unspoiled nature. Always the sea sparkles nearby, even in autumn it is pleasantly warm, in winter rather fresh but still suitable for swimming. The climate is perfect for hiking and mountain biking in summer and winter. Even in winter it is mild and warm, temperatures are around 20 degrees, with precipitation to be expected. The mountain world fascinates with old volcanoes. The biggest collapse crater of the world, the Caldera de Taburiente, is located approximately in the centre of the island. But on the mountain massif there is a height up to 2.400 m, here is the weather divide of the island. The north east trade winds mainly rain down at the slopes at the north and the east.

On bike- and hiking tours all over the island

As you conquer the peaks, more fantastic views are constantly opening up to you. Explore the beautiful island and let us advise you. There are about a thousand kilometres of well-marked hiking trails. And all this on an island that is only 45 kilometres long and not quite 30 kilometres wide! When you come back full of new impressions from your outdoor activities, your cosy holiday home awaits you. So if you book your house with us, we always have trustworthy German-speaking contacts for you on site. So you can benefit from our contacts to the country and its people during your holiday. We will gladly hand over the key to your holiday home in the island paradise.

A green pearl in the Atlantic Ocean

So much green on a Spanish island is surprising! On this island extensive primeval forests of pine, fern and laurel have been preserved. In between, bizarre dragon trees and succulents thrive. Frangipani and Jacaranda join beautiful strelizia and bougainvillea. They notice that Africa is not far away! In the summer months, the thermometer quickly climbs to 30 degrees in the shade. The southwest remains the driest over the year. The azure blue sky matches the colours of the flora. The clean air on the island is cool and refreshing, the wind gives you an extra kick. A very special nature experience are the sunsets in dramatic colours. Afterwards, when you enjoy your red wine under the star-studded night sky, the holiday is perfect! As island specialists, we put all our passion into our tourist activities. Together with you, we are sure to find the right one for you from our range of holiday homes. Trust us with your plans and wishes for your holiday on La Palma! With pleasure we expect your contact by e-mail or telephone to fulfil your expectations!

Even more about La Palma

If you want to read more about the island, just have a look at Wikipedia. Under the term "La Palma" you will find many texts and photos.
There you will find very detailed articles about the development of the island with all its facets. From the origin to the present day you will find everything you want to know about your holiday island.

With our help your La Palma trip will be a success

Further Information

You no longer want to read information about the fantastic island, but want to explore the diverse island yourself? Then book your next holiday in our travel agency in Berlin. Very good options are for example a holiday apartment or a holiday home. With a holiday apartment you can provide for yourself for the most part so that you can see the colourful hustle and bustle on the island's markets with your own eyes. Be independent of breakfast times with a holiday apartment and don't let bad-tempered hotel guests spoil the mood. In a holiday apartment you decide how your holiday day should look like. In addition, a holiday apartment is ideal if you are travelling with children. Although each child will sleep in a separate bed, the cost of accommodation is usually very low.

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