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La Palma, the island of silent sensations!

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La Palma, today still often confused with Palma (de Mallorca) or even Las Palmas (Gran Canaria) is among other things an island of contrasts. During the winter months, for example, you can experience snow on the highest mountain of the island on some days and two hours later you can swim down in the sea. Or you can experience stormy rainy weather on the east side of the island, then drive through the tunnel that connects the east and west sides to the west side of the island and, once you have left the tunnel, you will only see bright sunshine. It is the contrasts, it is the enormously perceptible, omnipresent power of nature that makes La Palma so worth experiencing and loving. But it is also the inhabitants of La Palma who still shape the face of the island, in addition the old cultural legacies, the still today lived customs, which you will encounter everywhere on La Palma, it is simply the many small things that make La Palma attractive and make the Central European visit the island again and again. When you have arrived at the airport of the island and want to drive to your holiday home from there, you will already experience the special features of the island on the way to your holiday home.


Why not rent a holiday home and take a holiday, experience what nature can mean. Get involved with the forces of nature and you will spend an incomparable holiday on La Palma.
Select yourself, for example, from our offer your holiday home. We can arrange your holidays in Las Norias, your holidays in Todoque, your holidays in Los Llanos or your holidays in Santa Cruz.

With your rental car you can reach the beaches or the hiking areas of the island quite fast from any place.

You would like to spend your holiday directly at the sea? Why not spend your holiday in Puerto de Tazacorte or holidays in Puerto Naos, directly on the playa, which is right in front of your window? Here we can also offer you beautiful holiday flats or holiday apartments.

Have a look at the uncommented photos, then you know what is meant by the headline. Photos that we publish on this page were exclusively taken by our guests. If you wish, your name will be published under the respective photo. Please send us photos of your holiday, which we will publish here.

If you also want to search or find these beautiful places,
just look in your travel guide "La Palma".
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Or just ask us. We will be happy to tell you more about everything you can experience!

 La Palma - die Insel der stillen Sensationen  
Here you can see more photos of the island of La Palma

"Die Erinnerungen sind das einzige Paradies, aus dem man nicht vertrieben werden kann" (Jean Paul).
Wieder zu Hause - und sich dann weiterhin an La Palma oder an den anderen Kanareninseln erfreuen?
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